About Me

I'm a digital artist with a background in graphics engineering with interests in look development and lighting. My journey as an artist has taken me from experimental games, installations and performances to visual art currently. I have worked professionally as a graphics engineer and technical artist helping create immersive AR/VR experiences. I've been involved in all aspects of 3D pipeline from layout, asset creation, lighting, optimization with both offline renderers like Arnold and with real-time workflows in Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I've also worked in the interactive art space for the past eight years making games, installations and performances involving CG elements showcased at different events across the world.

Works Exhibited and Performed

Networks in the Anthropocene | 2016

    Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

AnimalNet | 2016

    Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY
    Babycastles, New York, NY

Vocal Graffiti Troupe | 2016

    Come Out & Play 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Trialogue | 2016

    People Powered @BHQFU, Brooklyn, NY
    Babycastles, New York, NY
    NYU Game Center, Brooklyn, NY
    A MAZE 2016, Berlin

Glitch Sculptures | 2016

    IDM Showcase 2016

VOICES | 2016

    PlayTimesSquared @Times Square, New York, NY

Perfect World | 2016

    Hacking Habitat: The Art of Control, Utrecht

Horizons | 2016

    Tisch School of Arts, New York, NY

Strangelands | 2016

    Babycastles, New York, NY
    A MAZE 2016, Berlin

Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance | 2015

    ITP Winter Show, New York, NY

Embodying the Panopticon | 2015

    Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, Brooklyn, NY

Playful Mesh | 2015

    Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

The Pervasive Rhizome: Data Tracking Edition | 2015

    Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

Play/Work | 2015

    Internet Yami-ichi, Queens, NY

Skype Heartbreak Show | 2015

    The Chimney, Brooklyn, NY
    Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, Brooklyn, NY
    NYU Forum for Site-Specific Installations, New York, NY

Synchron Showdown | 2015

    Come Out and Play – After Dark under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Brooklyn, NY

Bullet Soul Hacker | 2015

    NYC Arcade, New York, NY

Beautiful/Ugly | 2015

    NYU Game Center, Brooklyn, NY (May 2015)
    Vancouver Altgames Expo, Vancouver, BC

Agency? | 2015

    New Gamesgrounds, Netherlands
      NYU Game Center, Brooklyn, NY
      RPI Gamefest, Troy, NY
      Extending Play, New Jersey, USA

    A Play of Colors | 2015

      Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, Brooklyn, NY
      NYU Dance Studio 1, New York

    Resounding the City | 2015

      NYU Dance Studio 1, New York

    Exist | 2014-15

      Indiecade East, New York, NY
      Casual Connect Asia, Singapore

Select Critical Writing

Crime Zone (Arcade Review)

    On thecatamites’ Crime Zone, hierarchies of systemic power, police and identity through space

Kentucky Route Zero's Musical Centerpiece and the Power of Choice (Paste)

    Analyzing Act III of KRZ and how it provides player expressive power to paint their emotions on the canvas of its linear narrative

An Open Field (Unwinnable)

    An essay about death, mortality and memories viewed from an ephemeral game

Questioning the 3D Printing Revolution (Model View Culture)

    A critical perspective on the techno-utopian ideas of Fabrication Revolution and the continual erasure of the work of the underprivileged communities

Namaste Inc. (The New Inquiry)

    On “Namaste” and the pursuit of the authenticity of cultural identity trapped within a globalized narrative

Talks and Publications

Algorithmic fairness preprint based on Nash Welfare Product | 2018

    Wrote a preprint paper on algorithmic fairness critically analyzing existing definitions of fairness in context of automated decision-making tools and proposes a novel technique using a concept from welfare economics

Radical/Networks | 2016

    Gave a talk on the need for a speculative futures in art

Extending Play 3: Temporalities of Play | 2016

    Presented a paper on remediation and narrative space across Roadside Picnic, Tarkovsky's Stalker, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl and the actual Chernobyl disaster.

AMAZE Berlin | 2016

    Gave a talk on process-centric approach to creating and countering materialism in games with interdisciplinary collaboration

Journal of Games Criticism | 2016

    Published a paper on "Imperialism in the Worlds and Mechanics of First-Person Shooters"

Radical/Networks | 2015

    Gave a talk on decentralized identities and art projects on networks

Extending Play | 2015

    Presented a paper on post-colonial criticism of first-person shooters at the media studies conference

First Person Scholar | 2014-15

    Published a paper on the online portal on mental health issue representation in games within the horror genre

Casual Connect Asia | 2014

    Gave a talk on political potential of games and Exist

Curation and Organizing

Derivative Weird Games: A Temporary Collection of Referenced Works | 2016

    Curated, co-organized the exhibition at Babycastles, New York

SPF8: An International altgames Exhibition | 2015

    Curated and organized the exhibition at Babycastles, New York

Different Games Conference | 2015 and 2016

    Organizing Committee for the 2015 and the 2016 edition at Brooklyn, NY

Selected Press

Motherboard VICE feature on Agency?

    On the altgames’ movement of experimental games

Huffington Post on Radical/Networks projects

    On the mesh network project “Playful Mesh”

Kill Screen interview on Agency?

    On the experimental games series and its critiques on game conventions

Ars Technica/Wired UK interview on Exist

    On the premise of the game and its philosophy

Kill Screen feature on Skype Heartbreak Show

    On the concept of the installation and interactive storytelling in digital age


    Three-time recipient of Tisch GSO Interdepartmental Grant
    Recipient of Interactive Fiction Fund (IFF) to make Postmodernist Trash
    Exhibited Agency? at Hacking Habitat 2016
    Perfect World was included as a required reading as part of English Literature course at UCSB and Davidson College
    Presented papers on post-colonial critique of first-person shooters and narrative space at Rutgers University's media studies conference, Extending Play 2015 and 2016 respectively