Ansh Patel

experimental art / criticism / research

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Boot Camp Simulations

first-person narrative on violence and its legacy in a utopian future


four-part experimental game series interrogating player choice and agency


meta-simulation and critical commentary of the game industry in form of an interactive installation

A Perfect World

degenerative interactive fiction, where every action you take disintegrates both the world and the story’s grammatical structure bit by bit

Skype Heartbreak Show

interactive installation exploring the decay of a long-distance, romantic relationship through the filters of unreliable technology

Meditative Anxiety

procedural audio-visual anxiety generator

Synchron Showdown

dancing battle on a light projected colored floor involving teams of two navigating trust through non-verbal communication


narrative performance constructed from live oncoming TCP/IP packets from the audience


installation on the spatial and temporal qualities of film and screen while placing the participant’s eye within a projector


exquisite corpse made with friends comprised of 6 interactable vignettes

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select talks and press

AMAZE Berlin (2016)

On process-centric approach to creating and interdisciplinary collaboration

Radical Networks (2016)

On the need for a speculative futures in art

Motherboard VICE feature on Agency?

On experimental games movement

Huffington Post on Radical/Networks projects

On the mesh network project “Playful Mesh"

Kill Screen interview on Agency?

On the experimental games series and its critiques on game conventions

Time feature on the research at the lab I work

On deep brain stimulation and trying to find a cure to Alzheimer’s

critical writing

Crime Zone (Arcade Review)

On thecatamites’ Crime Zone, hierarchies of systemic power, police and identity through space

Kentucky Route Zero's Musical Centerpiece and the Power of Choice (Paste)

Analyzing Act III of KRZ and how it provides player expressive power to paint their emotions on the canvas of its linear narrative

An Open Field (Unwinnable)

An essay about death, mortality and memories viewed from an ephemeral game

Questioning the 3D Printing Revolution (Model View Culture)

A critical perspective on the techno-utopian ideas of Fabrication Revolution and the continual erasure of the work of the underprivileged communities

Namaste Inc. (The New Inquiry)

On “Namaste” and the pursuit of the authenticity of cultural identity trapped within a globalized narrative

select academic writing

Fairness for Whom? Critically reframing fairness with Nash Welfare Product

paper critiquing and analyzing algorithmic fairness techniques in automated decision-making systems used for pre-trial detention and proposing a novel technique by drawing from welfare economics

Theta and alpha oscillations are traveling waves in the human neocortex (Neuron)

clustered theta and alpha oscillations in neocortex exhibit characteristics of traveling waves in posterior-to-anterior direction

Imperialism in the Worlds and Mechanics of First-Person Shooters (Journal of Games Criticism)

paper on how imperialist narratives manifests through the mechanics of first-person shooters

this is about agency?